"Episode 3"
Season 1, Episode 3
Sarah and John 1x03
Air date January 21, 2007
Written by Søren Sveistrup (Head writer)
Torleif Hoppe &
Søren Sveistrup (Screenplay)
Directed by Birger Larsen
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"Episode 3" is the third episode of the first season. It premiered on January 21, 2007. Søren Sveistrup is the series head writer and the screenplay for this episode was written by Torleif Hoppe & Søren Sveistrup. The episode was directed by Birger Larsen.



DCI Lund traps the fugitive John Lynge in the home he was robbing. He attacks her, injuring her arm but she seems to be calming him. He claims that the car, where Nanna Birk Larsen's body was found, was stolen while he was in hospital. DCI Meyer intervenes and Lynge jumps out of a window seriously injuring himself. The detectives spend the next day continuing their investigation at the college. They are prevented from questioning Oliver Schandorff by his father. They discover some of Nanna's clothing in the basement. Nanna's family begin preparations for her funeral. Politician Troels Hartmann deals with the fallout of being connected to the case and discovers that his own campaign manager Morten Weber has been leaking sensitive information to the press. Lynge awakens after surgery and identifies Jeppe Hald as being involved, mentioning the boiler room. Lund has Meyer open the boiler room and he finds signs of a struggle.





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